Delivery and Collection


Cut out each label and attach it securely to the back of your artwork at the top.

Delivery of artwork for artists in 2024 is restricted to one day as detailed in the Key Dates section. Bring your labelled paintings to the marquee on Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor.

Once Artworks have been received at the Show, the artist will be issued with a delivery docket.

The delivery docket is vital because it will be signed and be your proof of delivery. Do not lose it. You will need it to pick up unsold artworks. 

If you need to make any changes to your artwork’s title, description, size or price, please email entries [at] to request the required changes before the delivery day. You will be issued a new set of Artwork labels if required.

If artworks are delivered by courier they should arrive as detailed in the Key Dates section. 

Courier costs must be pre-paid by the artist. We do not store all packing materials.

Artwork arriving late (after the delivery day or courier cut-off date) will not be hung.


Bring your delivery docket with you.

Unsold works can be collected as detailed in the Key Dates section

We do not pack artworks. If paintings are collected by a courier they must pack them.

Artworks not collected at the above time will incur a $50 storage fee payable on collection. Artworks not collected within 3 days of the end of the show may be disposed of.


Artists are to arrange their own delivery and insurance. 


Victor Harbor Art Show - PO Box 213 Victor Harbor SA 5211


Delivery address for couriers:

18 Oval Road, Victor  Harbor SA 5211

We do not recommend a individual courier companies and suggest you search and choose one that suits your circumstances.

Couriers delivering to the show include the following:



43 Box St, Doveton, Victoria 3177 

Phone: (03) 9792 1272

Mobile: 0418 175 307

South Australia

Pack & Send - Adelaide East will deliver to the art show and collect and pack paintings for delivery to their depot on the collection date outlined in the Key Dates section. Artists engage the couriers at their own risk and should consider taking our their own insurance.

Pack & Send - Adelaide East 

Store Manager -  Johnny Lin

458 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

P: 08 8232 2544


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