Kym Ware, Artist - items (4 works)

What Else

Height 65cm x Width 70cm

Mixed Media on Canvas

© Kym Ware

NRN# 000-36218-0140-01

Exhibit# 1225

Barker Knoll

Height 30cm x Width 60cm

Oil on Canvas

© Kym Ware

NRN# 000-36218-0143-01

Exhibit# 1222

Round The Can

Height 35cm x Width 46cm

Acrylic on Canvas

© Kym Ware

NRN# 000-36218-0145-01

Exhibit# 1223


St Louis Aged Care

The Mangroves

Height 55cm x Width 86cm

Oil on Wood

© Kym Ware

NRN# 000-36218-0146-01

Exhibit# 1224