Award Winners

Artist: Alan Louis Ramachandran
Title: Cityscape Corner Of Pulteney St And North Terrace
Prize: Rotary Victor Harbor Award (Sale price not exceeding $3000)
Artist: Kiara Shepherd
Title: Rooster
Prize: Youth Award - Senior - Bronze
Artist: Peter Smales
Title: Ocean View From Teddys Lookout, Lorne, Victoria
Prize: Rotary Victor Harbor Award Highly Commended
Artist: William Webber
Title: Over Encounter Bay
Prize: Junior under 13 years - Bronze
Artist: Kristian Mumford
Title: Portmanteau
Prize: Terry Lewitzka South Australian Landscape Award
Artist: Carol Puruntatameri
Title: Kulama Design
Prize: Indigenous Art Award
Artist: Bill Steele
Title: Jumping Atlantic Salmon
Prize: Rotary Victor Harbor Sculpture Award - Best Sculpture
Artist: Mae Irvine
Title: Rundle Street Lights
Prize: Best Emerging Artist on the Fleurieu
Artist: Allyson Parsons
Title: Balmy Evening Cockle Beach
Prize: Victor Harbor Art Prize


Art Show 2024 - Genre - Sport (1 works)

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Artwork number: 86

Twighlight - Adelaide Oval

Height 100cm x Width 150cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Sport

Live Show Location: c3

© Artist: Tina Barr (5)
NRN# 000-1294-0254-01