Earleen Eastwood, Artist (3 works)

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Artwork number: 363

Moon Geisha

Height 80cm x Width 60cm

Mixed Media on Canvas

Genre: Portrait

Live Show Location: V13

© Artist: Earleen Eastwood
NRN# 000-35842-0241-01

Artwork number: 364

Red Abstract

Height 37cm x Width 52cm

Mixed Media on Hardwood

Genre: Contemporary

Live Show Location: U10

© Artist: Earleen Eastwood
NRN# 000-35842-0256-01

Artwork number: 362

Field Of Gold

Height 80cm x Width 58cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Landscape

Live Show Location: W8

© Artist: Earleen Eastwood
NRN# 000-35842-0259-01