Woman In Lace With Pearls by Darryl Downie

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 55.00 cm X Width - 55.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-45862-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Darryl Downie


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Artist: Darryl Downie


Who am I? This is something I ask myself quite often.

I'm a working father and husband who has a creative urge that needs to be fulfilled. For a while now I've concentrated on raising and providing for my family, but now they're older, and I have time on my hands to indulge my creative spirit.

My passion is watercolour, but I also find that soft pastels give that tactile sensation that you just don't get in any other medium. There is something creamy and sensual in the way the pigment goes on the paper. Watercolour on the other hand is always a surprise, the wonderful way that colours intermix on the paper just doesn't happen with anything else.

I've recently ventured into Oil painting, which I really enjoy. I have a simple style which is still developing, ideally I'd like to keep it simple and unpretentious, but allowing multiple layers of colour and complexity to show through.

 And just for good measure I occasionally venture into Acrylics, these have been mostly black and white celebrity portraits, my wife has 2 of them in her dressing room that she will never part with.