Whale Of A Time by Sarah Jane

ARTIST NOTES: Splash in the water, play in the sand with this beach home artwork, Whale of a Time. A Modern whale painting of whales diving into the ocean by Sarah Jane Australian Artist

152cm x 101cm
Contemporary Artwork Orcas diving in abstract ocean
Acrylic Paints and Impasto on Stretched Canvas
Black White Green Blue Peach

About Whale of a Time
Do you hear that? It is the sound of whales calling out to you from their ocean sanctuary.

Inspired by the beautiful creatures themselves, I was lucky enough to see a mum and her calf recently off the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Watching from land, only a hundred or so metres away, I knew how lucky I was to have experienced this marvel of nature. As a result I was determined to capture this wonder on canvas producing a modern painting whales diving in the ocean.

Now if you hadn’t yet noticed, Whale of a time is an original painting that has a beautiful, soft energy. This makes for the perfect beach house artwork. But, if you really want to take advantage of this tranquil piece, the bedroom is a must consideration. Ready to calm the energy down for sleeep.

Orcas, being a type of whale, are the main feature in black and white in my usual contemporary format. As the pod dives into the ocean depths, softer tones of blue green and pale peach surround their bodies. These tones represent an abstract ocean life of sand, water and plant life.

A textured painting using impasto paints, with small imprints of palette knife strokes adds to the stunning effect of this painting. So for all the nature lovers out there, be quick and grab your piece of serenity.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 101.00 cm X Width - 152.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-38239-0166-01
COPYRIGHT © Sarah Jane
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Artist: Sarah Jane


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