Stormy Weather by Felicity Steer



DIMENSIONS (Height - 46.50 cm X Width - 56.50 cm )
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-41178-0161-01
COPYRIGHT © Felicity Steer
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Artist: Felicity Steer


Having grown up in Adelaide Felicity started dancing at a young age and was lucky enough to follow her passion to graduate with one of the first Bachelor of Arts Dance Degrees in Australia in 1988.  Having worked as a professional dancer and teacher Felicity was able to explore and develpope her creative passion whilst at the same time sharing her love of movement with her students.   In 1996 she graduated with one of the first Diplomas in Natural Therapy and worked fulltime as a Naturapath. Felicity then took her wholistic aproach further completing a Bachelor of Nursing in 2003 and worked in the area of population health and improving chronic disease health care, playing an intergralt role in bringing about change in a creative program through the Improvement Foundation for the Australian population.

In November 2018 whilst walking on the beach a dear friend asked if she had ever tried painting. Starting with watercolour pencils she progressed to to the brushes in May 19 and has recently just begun to dable in a little oil.

Felicity says "as a new emerging artist this wonderful world of painting has given me a vehicle to express both my creative and compassionate sides. I have a thirst for the positive and a love of colour which has only magnified as I have opened myself to this new part of my life.

Living by the beach I am privelleged to have beautiful seascapes and suroundings to inspire me and with a passion for gardening I have endless possibilities for me to paint outside.

The fluidity of watercolour is one of my passions as this is where my career in painting has begun."

As a new comer to painting Felicity is humbled to have had her work exhibited at the "Clare Art Show" in May 19, followed by "The Royal Adelaide Show" and" Walkerville Art Show" in October 19.In 2020 she participated in "The Royal Adelaide virtual "Show @Home". In 2021 she has participated in the "Yorke Peninsula Art Exhibition", The Clare Rotary Art Exhibition", The Blackwood Rotary Art Exhibition", The Royal Adelaide Show Digital Exhibition" and "SALA".

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