Schooling The Deep by Dianne Yankus

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 90.00 cm X Width - 85.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-40878-0153-01
COPYRIGHT © Dianne Yankus


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Artist: Dianne Yankus


Hi, my history of art  in my life  , well I started  doing art at high school as I was always drawing  as a cjild at home and loved it, so my art life  started there.

Was more  interested  in drawing but as life  passed me by with family and work I never got  around to  doing anything about  fulfilling my life as an artist on paper but became an artist in a different  manner as a makeup artist.

Later in life as I retired a friend introduced me to an art teacher and I havent looked back, so now after 7 yrs of learning  techniques of how to apply paint to paper Here I am trying my talent with things that interest me . I have a  love of the sea and sea life which I like to indulge in, but will try other things. 

I do like texture and knife  work as in absract sea scenes.

I am still learning every day  and will continue to earn as  there is always something to captivate me.