Love Hurts by Elizabeth Solich

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ARTIST NOTES: Love Hurts (2023) By Elizabeth Solich, oil on canvas, recycled materials. Leafy Seadragons are named after the dragons of Chinese legends. They resemble the dragon of fairy tales. Because they are so visually spectacular, scuba divers love to observe them and they are popular subjects with underwater photographers and cinematographers. These animals do not have pupils like us and they only have eye protection from downward directed sun light only. They also have very strong night vision they need for reproduction and are therefore significantly affected by bright lights. Therefore, they should not be exposed to video lights over an extended period or excessive use of strobes. Capturing this vulnerable Leafy Seadragon, blinded by the light, requiring a cane to aid the visual impairment was important for the artist to help divers better understand how they should have respectful interactions with the leafy Seadragons. This can be better extended to all marine life 🥰

DIMENSIONS (Height - 76.20 cm X Width - 101.60 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42270-0209-01
COPYRIGHT © Elizabeth Solich
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Artist: Elizabeth Solich


Adelaide based artist and photographer, Elizabeth Solich, has been honing her skills in underwater photography for the past seven years. Originally an architecture student, Elizabeth blended her photography skills and underwater observations of the fauna and flora with her drawing and painting experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. Elizabeth's evolution into underwater photography allowed her to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of her talent even further. Her observations of marine fauna and flora allows Elizabeth to challenge boundaries, capturing the underwater world utilizing environmentally aware story telling in the exploration of movement and composition.  

Elizabeth shares her passion for everything underwater with the world. Through her artwork she expresses her never ending admiration for the weird and wonderful underwater creations of nature. Her works have been displayed at various exhibitions in Australia and overseas.