Keith Richards by Kerry Servin

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 65.00 cm X Width - 53.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37256-0159-01
COPYRIGHT © Kerry Servin


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Artist: Kerry Servin


BIO Artbykezz

Born in Brisbane, raised in Adelaide, moved to the Riverland in my 30’s and raised my family. 

What began 12 years ago as a personal exercise using art as a tool for mental health, has grown into a career as a self directed portrait artist. I believe we are shaped emotionally and physically by our thoughts, emotions, health, environment, and history. 

As a 61 yr old,woman, mother, grandmother, daughter and partner, I relate to this as life changing events have shaped who I am. 

Having been involved in wine and citrus industries, I have seen  the impact of environmental issues, both personally and within my local community. 
In 2020 I developed CIDP (Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy) an autoimmune disorder affecting the body’s nerve and muscle network.(just like Michael Klim) With continuous treatment, I am able to move, walk and work freely again.  My dear mother has dementia - all these experiences fuel my art and drive my interest in illustrating how society views and treats the "invisible" members of our comunities.


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