High Country Dapples by Sue Bray

ARTIST NOTES: Inspired after a five night pack horse ride in the High Country of Victoria. These horses are bolting home after hearing thunder in the hills. On the final day of our ride, we traversed steep and slippery trails down the mountain into the valley in pouring rain. The lighting cracked loud above our heads and the horses spooked. I felt like I was in a City Slickers movie and loved the exhilaration! I really wanted to push the colour in these dappled horses. I love this painting, the beauty and colours in the dappled coats, and the little pony saying to those big strong warmbloods - 'wait for me!'


DIMENSIONS (Height - 61.00 cm X Width - 91.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42462-0134-01
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Artist: Sue Bray


About the Artist

Susan has a passion for Oil and watercolour painting, creating Quality artwork.

Her works cover a range of categories including landscapes, animals and portraits, but it was a love of horses and limited television time that started her sketching from a very young age.

Susan's mother laments: “As a child she would run around the backyard on her hands and feet, over jumps, pretending to be a horse. At high school, She was known for drawing them all over her schoolbooks.”

Post school Sue headed straight for Commercial art college studying advertising and graphic design. Her professional career has seen her in varying roles, starting as a junior artist and quickly moving up the ladder to desktop publishing coordinator, corporate services manager and Computer Services Manager in corporate publishing environments.

In 2001 Sue began her own successful graphic design, production and training business.

Throughout her professional career, Sue has never given up on her passion for creating art.

From the Artist

“I am now on a more focused journey to fulfil a life-long dream to become a professional artist. Each piece I create has my utmost dedication and passion. I hope my works are loved by many and cherished by their new owners. It is often hard to let them go!

Technical and Credits
Artworks are created using skills and techniques learnt through developing many years of technical skill, practice, self learning and attendance at classes with highly skilled tutors. Only high quality substrates and artist quality pigments are used with traditional techniques to stand the test of time. Canvases are properly finished with painted edges, drying time and protected with varnish. Giclee and canvas prints are available for all works and commissions are available for small and large works. Please contact me directly.

Awards & Commissions

I have not entered many art competitions

  • Highly Commended Port Adelaide Art Show 1991: 'The Kings Stallion' - Conte on Pastel Paper - 71cm x 86cm
  • Peoples Choice Award Flagstaff Rotary Art Show 2008: 'Stockwhip Practice' - Artists Oil on Canvas - 100cm x 130cm
  • Bronze Moonee Valley Art Show 2020: 'High Country Dapples' - Artists Oil on Canvas - 92cm x 61cm
  • Private Commission Portrait 2021: 'Meg' Artists Oil on Linen - 106cm x 1400cm


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