Green Native Bunch by Candace Gwyther



DIMENSIONS (Height - 40.00 cm X Width - 50.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Hardwood
GENRE Plant Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-3594-0137-01
COPYRIGHT © Candace Gwyther
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Artist: Candace Gwyther


My love of painting and creating was first sparked by both of my grandparents teaching me the basics at young age. Ever since accidentally flicking green oil paint on my nana's white dining chairs and carpet I was hooked (it’s still there almost 20 years later).
Painting and creating has been my escape, my down time through my school life, my study life and working life. I’m not your typical 'went to Art school' artist.
I studied Audio Engineering and have worked in the AV industry in Adelaide full time for 5 years, before accepting a role AV/IT role in a school 5 years ago. Recently I have moved into a new role in the Creative Industries department aligning up with my personal love of music, art, performance, events, video and audio editing suiting me perfectly and opening up my passions into my workplace. These roles all require an eye and ear for detail. I believe my artwork reflects this quality. My landscape & still life work is all about the fine details that give realistic quality. My newest collection was born out of wanting to be less tight and more abstract. These paintings are more focussed on colour, shape, patterns, layering and what is unseen, there is no doubt the fine detailing is still there but this time there is no guide.
With these paintings there was an endless curiosity to try out new mediums and styles, pushing my artistic skills. You will find me experimenting with lino, watercolour, spray paint, clay, pencils, unique paints, and anything else that I have yet to discover, but I will always come back to my favourite medium, oil paint. If you like the paintings and the style and would like a piece for your home or office some originals, prints and cards are available. If you'd like a custom artwork please get in contact with me.


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