Andrea Ugrinovska, Artist - items (2 works)

Disassembling The Clock- Lockdown Stopped Time

Height 75cm x Width 75cm

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Genre: Abstract

Category: Open

© Andrea Ugrinovska

NRN# 000-41918-0141-01

Exhibit# 1382


South Coast Realty

South Coast Realty is the one real estate company on the Fleurieu Peninsula that is “Helping you Stand out in the Crowd”, now operating Coast to Coast on the beautiful Southern Fleurieu Peninsula.

Emu Of The Sky-birth Of Djinda

Height 10cm x Width 10cm

Other Medium on Wood

Genre: Indigenous

Category: Indigenous

© Andrea Ugrinovska

NRN# 000-41918-0142-01

Exhibit# 1383