Andrea Ugrinovska, Artist - items (2 works)

Disassembling The Clock- Lockdown Stopped Time

Height 75cm x Width 75cm

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Genre: Abstract

Category: Open

© Andrea Ugrinovska

NRN# 000-41918-0141-01

Exhibit# 1382


RNI Constructions

R.N.I. Constructions Pty Ltd Rural & Industrial Sheds - Hindmarsh Valley, SA 5211 Lot 64 Commerce Crescent Victor Harbor SA 5211 85527466

Emu Of The Sky-birth Of Djinda

Height 10cm x Width 10cm

Other Medium on Wood

Genre: Indigenous

Category: Indigenous

© Andrea Ugrinovska

NRN# 000-41918-0142-01

Exhibit# 1383