Victor Harbor Art Show Thomas McKay Optometrists Rotary Club of Victor Harbor



  1. Entries for consideration for hanging will be accepted from 5th October 2017 until 30th November 2017. 
  2. By submitting your works through our online process, you enter into an agreement with The Rotary Club of Victor Harbor and you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  3. There is NO SUBMISSION FEE.  Each artist may have a maximum of three original uncopied works accepted for hanging. However the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor may by specific invitation, allow an extra 2 entries, including from past winners of the corporate prize, artists who have sold three of their works at either of the two preceding Art Shows and any specifically invited Artists, to hang additional works.  Each work MUST BE available for sale. 
  4. Pairs (diptych) or trios (triptych) will be accepted as one entry for one entry fee.  However the total square area of both or all three works must comply with the 1 sq m or 1.5 sq m rule as the case may be.  The works will be hung together and sold as one item for the price quoted on the entry form.
  5. The judging committee has the right to NOT ACCEPTall paintings entered and any works NOT SELECTED WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED.
  6. NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR ENTRY ARE: Non original work (copy or reproduction, or worked on by a tutor) any works: inadequately framed, with inadequate means of hanging, damaged on arrival ,oversize pornographic (as so judged by selection panel), 3D, incorrectly priced, not complying with work as per entry form, beaten copper, batik, poker work, bark arrangements, plaster relief, computer generated graphics, reproductions (e.g. photo-mechanically), photography, ceramics, porcelain, textile works, giclée prints, wet paintings (as so judged by selection panel).
  7. Paintings not accompanied by an image when entries are closed may not be accepted. The selection panel will at their discretion decide whether to accept the entered work. We understand some artists may not have finished their artwork prior to the closing of acceptance.
  8. Artists whose works are accepted for hanging will be notified no later than 10th December, 2017.
  9. If a painting that has been submitted on line has been sold by the artist prior to acceptance, a substitute painting accompanied by a photo can be submitted in its place. No penalty or additional fee will apply.
  10. Upon acceptance, the following non-refundable entry fees will apply per work accepted for display.


  • $10.00  inc GST. Youth under 16yrs at 31st December 2017, per accepted painting having an overall area of 1 square metre or less.
  • $18.00 inc GST per accepted painting having an overall area 1 square metre or less.
  • $59.00 inc GST per accepted painting having an overall area up to 1.5 square metres. 
  1. Entrants will receive an invoice with payment details and all entry fees must be paid prior to receival day.
  2. As this is a community event, works deemed to be offensive by the Art Show Director will not be hung.

13 Works will be received at Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor between 9.00 am and no later than 5.00 pm Monday 8th January 2018.  If not delivered by hand, they can be consigned by courier service, bus, air freight or Australia Post to Rotary Club of Victor Harbor c/- SMP Chartered Accountants, 163 Hindmarsh Road, Victor Harbor 5211, to arrive before 5.00pm on Friday 5th January 2018.

14 Unsold work must be collected from Warland Reserve between 9.00 am and 1.00pm on Sunday 21st January 2018.  If they are not collected, the works will be stored at your cost and may also be subject to an additional handling fee of $11 including GST.  If not collected within one month they will be disposed of by Rotary Club of Victor Harbor with no compensation.

15. Each work must be the ORIGINAL WORK OF THE EXHIBITOR. Original work excludes reproductions or any works worked on by a tutor. 

16. Each work submitted must be suitably framed or professionally presented, and submitted with self-tapping screws or other flush hangers, substantial hanging wire (not cord). The staple heads on edges of stretched canvasses are to be professionally finished off and covered (tapes or battens). Any works delivered NOT meeting these criteria may not be accepted.

17. Each work must have attached to the back the official label which will be emailed after the entry has been accepted.

18. All works delivered for exhibition MUST be the works as described on the submitted entry form in regard to Title, Medium, and Price. Substitute works WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and entry fee will not be refunded.

19. The Rotary Club of Victor Harbor will accept no responsibility for damage (shrinkage) resulting from the use of inferior canvas or paint.

20. The judge or judges of the competition, appointed by the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor. will consider all accepted works. The judge's, decision shall be final.

21. The Rotary Club of Victor Harbor shall be entitled to offer any work for sale to the public at the price endorsed on the work and, in the event of a sale, the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor shall be entitled to retain TWENTY-SEVEN AND ONE HALF PERCENT of such prices as a selling commission (includes GST on sales commission).

  1. Acquisitive Awards: Any work, which is priced to a sale value (excluding GST) not exceeding the acquisitive sponsor’s pledge, and has been selected as worthy by the Judge, is eligible for acquisition by that sponsor and can be awarded an Acquisitive Award. On the announcement of the results of the competition, any work(s) selected by the Judge and acquisitive sponsor will become the property of that sponsor.
  2. Acquired Works. Any art works entered in the exhibition, may be acquired by an acquisitive sponsor. Artists works selected for an Acquisitive Prize will be given a sponsors “Certificate of Acquisitive Award” acknowledging their success and will receive the donated dollar value of the sponsor. They will also be invited, as a guest, to attend the preview function held prior to the official opening and awards ceremony.
  3. The Rotary Club of Victor Harbor will exercise all reasonable care in handling the artwork submitted, but will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to any works while in the custody of the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor or the Club's agents. ARTISTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR INSURING THEIR WORKS AGAINST LOSS OR DAMAGE.
  4. The Artist will indemnify the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor against any cost incurred by the Club (including legal fees and damages) in any way relating to the work and the exhibition of the work in the Art Show, including claims in defamation and claims for injury and property damage (including damage to or loss of the work itself).
  5. Works must be delivered free of all charges. No payments whatsoever will be made by the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor for freight, or other charges incurred in delivery or return if unsold.
  6. Artwork accepted on delivery will be on view from 5.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. on Friday 12th January 2018, then daily from 9.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. until the close of the show on Saturday 20th January 2018 at 8.30 p.m. All paintings must remain on display until collection day.
  7. Artists by entering work in the exhibition authorise the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor, at their discretion, to allow any work to be reproduced in print and electronic media to promote the art exhibition and sales of works.
  9. The Rotary Club of Victor Harbor is a selling agent only and does not own the art work sold. The Rotary Club of Victor Harbor cannot issue a tax invoice to a purchaser on behalf of the artist. If a purchaser requires a tax invoice for the purpose of claiming tax credits, the artist with an ABN and registered for GST will be notified and asked to provided tax invoice for that customer.
  10. Goods & Services Tax  has been applied to charges: Painting Handling Fee, Sales Commission and other areas, which reflect the GSTcomponent. Artists must complete the GST Section of the online entry process by selecting one of the three categories and provide relevant information. Artists are liable for all and any GST on painting sales (where applicable) and are personally responsible for all and any GST payments and compliance required by the GST or related law and the Australian Tax Office. By confirming you have read the terms and conditions of entry and sale of works you are deemed to have signed the GST declaration. Awards will include GST where applicable. Awards to artists holding an ABN and GST registration will include any requisite GST amount in addition to the published competition award amount. Non-cash awards are GST inclusive values unless otherwise indicated.
  11. Artists agree to pay the GST amount where applicable.

NOTE: The Rotary Club of Victor Harbor reserves the right not to accept an entry where no GST information or incomplete information is given.