Victor Harbor Art Show Thomas McKay Optometrists Rotary Club of Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor Art Show Policies and Procedures. 

The Victor Harbor Art Show is an important fundraiser for various charities through the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor, as well as an exhibition to give artists the opportunity to present and sell their work.

The underlying goals of the show committee are:

  • To maintain a consistently high standard of works by attracting highly regarded professional artists.
  • To present exhibitors’ works in the best possible light.
  • To maximise the potential for exhibiting artists to sell their work.
  • To maximise the fund raising potential of the show.
  • To deliver value to sponsors and supporters.
  • To encourage and provide opportunity to local and up-and-coming artists.
  • To exhibit as wide a range of artists as possibl.


  • All submissions for acceptance are considered by a selection panel of three to five people.
  • Our selection panel policy is:
    • Panel members should have an art background and/or experience with previous art shows.
    • At least one experienced or professional artist should be part of the panel.
    • Panel members are volunteers and are not remunerated.
    • The art show judge is not permitted to be on the panel.
  • The selection panel are expected to take into account:
    • Artistic merit.
    • Originality.
    • Anticipated likelihood that the work will sell in the show. 
    • Factors such as whether the artist is selling well elsewhere, has sold at our show previously and expected visitor demographic are taken into account.
    • Whether the work will enhance and complement the standard of the show.
    • Whether it complies with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Each panel member votes independently for acceptance. All for and against votes are aggregated, and each entry is tentatively accepted/rejected based on a clear majority of votes.  
  • There is a joint sitting of the selection panel during which all tentatively accepted works are reviewed.
  • The review selection panel are expected to take into account:
    • Achieving sufficient diversity of works on display in size, medium, subject matter, genre and price.
    • Avoiding a preponderance of a particular subject, size, style and so on, whilst bearing in mind market trends for such works.
    • These are often competing and can be mutually exclusive, so inevitably some challenging compromises will result.


  • Some artists might not have completed their painting prior to the closing date for entry. It is important to note that lack of a photograph does not in and of itself preclude acceptance. Members of the selection panel have the ability to look at all other works of the entrant in their Gallery 247 portfolio, and can therefore make a value judgement based on previous work, even where the artist is otherwise unknown to them.
  • Tentative acceptances that are in breach of Terms and Conditions. Typically these are entries over the maximum number permitted, entries that are too large and the like.
  • Where an artist has no acceptances based on the voting process, a tentative rejection might be overridden in order to give that artist an opportunity to exhibit.
  • The Victor Harbor Art Show is a very popular high-calibre, prestigious show, so there is a lot of competition and the number of entries inevitably exceeds the venue’s capacity.
  • Given that we guarantee to display all accepted works, it is important that the final acceptances do not exceed the capacity of the venue or compromise the overall presentation of the show. Accordingly some works might be rejected simply because of the number of entries.
  • For those artists who are accepted, congratulations – we wish you every success in the show. 
  • In a perfect world we’d be able to please everybody but unfortunately that’s not the case. It is important that artists do not see rejection as detracting from their work.